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Best Vintage Rolex Forums in 2019

With vintage Rolex watch prices outpacing new ones, collectors and buyers are always looking for a reliable place to interact with other experienced enthusiasts and experts. Multiple, long-established forums have served as channels to connect, network and trade Vintage Rolex Watches.

Criterion For A Great Forum

These forums are global and include collectors from markets and territories all around the world. They’re a passionate community of collectors, dealers, watchmakers and general fans who share a common interest in Vintage Rolex Watches. Their opinions, preferences, and experience vary as widely as their age range and financial means.

A good forum is one with high daily traffic volume, high levels of individual user engagement and polite and thoughtful posts. Forums should also allow members to buy or sell Vintage Rolex Watches and offer a means to provide feedback and references for both sellers AND buyers. Forums should be closely but sensitively moderated.

Here is a review of our top five forums based on these criteria.

The Rolex Forums

Vintage Rolex Forums
Despite the name, this is an unofficial fan site and has no official relationship with the Rolex corporation. However, it's widely acknowledged that Rolex employees (past and present) lurk on these forums. As do employees of Authorized Rolex Dealers and Jewelers.

The Rolex Forums have been active since 2004. Currently, it has over 231,000 registered members, 9,866,422 posts and 662,030 threads. The great thing about this forum is that it serves several purposes. It’s a social platform for sharing pictures and congratulations, as well as opinions on a wide range of subjects from customer experiences at Authorized Rolex Dealers, to controversial designs and industry trends. It also has an active Classified Section with large numbers of watches being bought and sold.

The desktop interface of the forum is easy to navigate and understand (though a little, 20th Century looking). Mobile users will have a better experience with the Tapatalk App.

Discussions are informative and useful for beginners looking to get educated about Vintage Rolex Watches. Members active daily with many questions being answered within minutes of posting. This can be helpful if you’re on the cusp of making an imminent transaction.

One downside is that “Forum Guidelines and Rules” are buried deeply and far from short or concise. Accidental transgressions of the Rules results in often severe, arbitrary actions by the moderators. There is zero tolerance of any discussion of fakes or counterfeits either specific examples or generally. While well-intentioned, Mods are often criticized for being inconsistent, inconsiderate and unfriendly. It is not difficult to get banned from this forum.

Rating: All in all, a good forum that scores a very respectable but subjective 3 out of 5 stars.

Vintage Rolex Forum

Vintage Rolex Forum is a grand-daddy of Rolex forums and was founded around 2002 by the well-known collector and dealer Erick Ku

To date, it has approximately 13,000 registered members and 569.6k posts. The forum is active with members that seem to be older and more technical. This is very much a vintage-focused rather than general Rolex forum.

The site was recently migrated to a new platform and now resides with Tapatalk, owners of the popular App. The mobile experience of this forum is excellent using the App. The desktop experience is equally good.

The forum has separated the image gallery from the discussion threads. This is somewhat unique among the forums listed here. These image repositories are an excellent resource for vintage buyers needing to know what a particular watch should look like. The posts are informative and include reviews, comparisons and latest news about Vintage Rolex Watches.

Selling is permitted on the forum and takes place within the discussion threads. Users can post pictures, specifications and asking prices. This is a rich source of spare parts and components like loose dials and hands. The forum rules and moderators make it clear they do not participate in transactions or assume any responsibility liability.

Rating: Given the specialized nature of this forum, we highly rate it 4.5 stars out of 5 for collectors specifically interested in vintage.

Omega Forums >> Rolex Watch Sub-Forum

Omega Forums
The Omega Forums are highly regarded in their own right. Many Omega enthusiasts also collect Rolex. Their Rolex Watch Sub-Forum is as comprehensive as the main parent site. 

Omega collector-culture is subtly different from Rolex collector-culture, and users soon become aware of a more relaxed tone and style that sets it apart from the two dedicated Rolex forums above.

The parent Omega Forums site was founded in 2004 and is quickly closing in on 10 million posts, with 231,090 members and 662,056 threads. Forum rules or guidelines are are easy to find and generic in nature. Moderators seem to take a light-touch. 

The forum is quite active and anywhere between 5 to 538 members seem to be participating in discussions at a given time. The website design is a bit clustered but offers registered users an option to choose a theme for their view of the website.

Discussion threads permit pictures and users can post any query or question. Vintage or otherwise. The forum also values the members and remembers their birthdays which is a nice touch. It seems like a small gesture but appreciated by community members. 

The sub-forum itself strictly prohibits selling and buying of the Vintage Rolex Watches, therefore, it is restricted to general discussion and information only. Sales must take place on a separate sub-forum.

Rating: The forum gets a very solid 3 out of 5 stars, largely on the basis of the culture and tone.

Watch U Seek >> Rolex & Tudor Sub-Forum

The Rolex & Tudor sub-forums date to around 5th May 2005 with the first test post. The site is very active and generates high traffic volumes. Unsurprisingly, this attracts advertisers and the site features lots of banner and modal (popover) ads.

This forum too has a separate section for Rolex images and the discussion threads are kept separate. The Rolex sub-forum appears to be very active and the number of members and threads is impressive. 

The forum includes articles and blogs which are based around topics related to Rolex Watches in general. While there is an appreciation for Vintage, it is not the focus of this sub-forum. Many novice users come here looking for help in their purchasing journey for a Rolex Watch.

One of the interesting things unique to this forum is the section for Fake Busters. It is a separate archive where users can verify whether a watch is fake or real. This is extremely beneficial for less experienced buyers, who may have only recently developed an interest in Vintage Rolex Watches. 

The forum has generic guidelines for members and does not allow buying and selling in the sub-forum.

Rating: This forum is rated as 4 stars out of 5 for its noob-friendliness. This is a recommended place to start for newbies when it comes to Rolex Vintage Watches.

International Watch League >> Rolex Sub-Forum

International Watch League Forum
International Watch League was founded in 2014 with the first post titled “Custom Dial Rolex” dated 21st November 2014. The forum is easy to navigate and understand. The Rolex discussions are relevant and thoroughly researched. This will be educational for beginners interested in Rolex and other marks.

However, the forum is not as active as the others listed above. The forum overall averages 7,797 views per post and nearly 41.8 replies. It’s a well-traveled forum with a rich and friendly Rolex sub-forum.

The forum has generic guidelines and does not support the selling or buying of Rolex Vintage Watches. This forum can provide detailed and insightful information from AND for, more experienced collectors.

Posts are most often social and include pictures of users watches rather than detailed or technical information. The forum does have two moderators i.e. Jeanne and Martin but all in all, the forum fails to compete with the other options above. The forum has a great interface free of advertisements.

Rating: The forum is rated 2.5 stars out of 5, for Vintage Rolex enthusiasts but an excellent resource for vintage watch enthusiasts in general.

If you have a site, forum or another resource you’d like us to review and link to, feel free to reach out to us. Or even better, submit an article and Write For Us.