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A Rolex Guy & An Omega Watchmaker Talk Vintage

This post should really be titled, "How To Find  A Watchmaker to Work On My Vintage Watch", as I get asked this question quite often. 

So you bought your first vintage Rolex! Congratulations. Now you want it professionally serviced, cleaned, restored or just checked over. How do you find someone to send your new beloved watch to?

For most people, the search begins on one of the top forums or on Reddit r/RolexWatches. You can expect all manner of unsolicited feedback and advice before getting recommendations for suitable watchmakers. This well-intentioned feedback can be unwelcome but it will force you to think carefully about what services you're actually shopping for...

Do you want a movement overhaul or just inspection and calibration?

Pressure testing? What if it fails and you need gaskets, a crystal and a new crown?

Want to stabilize flaking lume material on the hands or dial? 

What about dealing with that nasty scratch, dent or ding on the case?

Sloppy, stretched bracelet? Might as well have that seen to at the same time. You wouldn't want it to fail and drop your newly serviced vintage Rolex on the floor, into the toilet, or overboard!

Once you have a watchmakers name, with an endorsement from some internet-rando, then what? The next stop for most people is to look for their website and then perhaps reach out by email or phone.

I would suggest you think about the services you're looking for, then formulate some questions. They need to be more meaningful than simply, "When can you take my watch and money?"

I would strongly encourage you to interview a new watchmaker as if they were applying to work for you. If they interview poorly, move on. It's not unreasonable to expect a potential watchmaker to give you 15-30 mins of their time, to win over a new client.

The interview wants to be casual and friendly but focused. You should definitely take the opportunity to discuss more than just cost and turn around time.

If you let your enthusiasm and passion for your new Rolex shine through, you will be surprised at how much the watchmaker will open up and talk with you. Their best clients are the ones that care deeply about the work they perform and the services they provide. 

Tanner Morehouse of TMWatch Co. is a good sport and agreed to go on the record for me. With Video, no less!

This speaks volumes about his commitment to openness and honesty. While I tried to draw him on vintage Rolex specifically, he played to his strengths and made it clear where his preference and expertise lies! 

I should disclose that he's worked on several of my Rolex watches and bracelets, despite his obvious first love - Vintage Omega Chronographs!

Tanner is also an avid watch flipper and offers some insight and good advice. If this is something you've ever considered trying your hand at, pay close attention. 

Tanner is a young and up and coming watchmaker with a genuine passion and a real talent for his craft. While he's not exactly famous (yet), he's well known among a tight-knit group of collectors and enthusiasts. He's known amongst them as a well-kept secret as his work is high quality, his turn around times are fast and his prices are fair.

Unlike many old-school guys (and gals!) he's social media-savvy, friendly and approachable. While he's a busy guy with plenty of work on his bench, he'll make time to talk with clients and offers his advice and experience freely. Not to mention some great pics on his IG feed.

If you like this video, let me know and I'll get some other watchmakers on the record to talk about what they do. If you like the sound of Tanner, give him a call on (701)-840-3287.

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